Friday Favorites: Joy

We asked for "joy" this week, and boy did we get it!  These photos made me smile!  Some made me laugh out loud!  Such a fun theme, and thank you to all who participated!! Next week we'll be looking for "rain and/or fog"... maybe it's the Seattle girl in me, but I would love to see how you all capture, shoot in and create around rain and fog!

You know the drill, post your "rain and/or fog" photo to our Facebook wall (sized no smaller than 600 dpi wide) and maybe next week, your image will be featured here on the blog!

Have a great weekend!

- Sandra

she saw things: photography by jen downer

Stacie Turner Photography

A Beautiful Life Photo

Bridget Knight Photography

Kate T. Parker Photography

Simplee Photography

Jenn Jones Photography

Summer Murdock Photography

JJM Photography