Natalie Myers, Shay Chic Photography: Super Fun, Superhero Photo Shoot!

These superhero photos by Natalie Myers or Shay Chic Photography just make me laugh!!  They are so fun!!  All I could think of when these came in was how much my own two little boys would absolutely LOVE it if I did something like this for them!  Natalie built this superhero set in her garage, using seamless back drop paper.  Such a cute idea!  I might do something like this for my sons' upcoming 7th birthday party!  What a fun photo-booth that would be!!! Thanks for the inspiration Natalie, and for putting a smile on my face!

-Sandra Coan

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now this may be the key to getting any little boy excited about having his picture taken. my son is as crazy about superheroes as any little boy, so this session speaks to that part of my heart. such a simple and precious idea, executed brilliantly and with such joy and humor. it speaks timelessly to the age.

- Amy Grace