Christina Mallet on Instagram: Featuring Summer Murdock (@summer_murdock)

Receiving Summer's submission, it was right away clear that her eyes and brain have likely always been a pretty great team--she's definitely one of those naturally photographically inclined sorts. Talent + Hard Work = Summer = Fab imagery. When I asked Summer to tell me more about herself and her photography, I learned that on top of being a professional photographer, she is also the mother of four children under the age of ten. I would never have expected this looking at her work - Summer somehow manages to capture serenity and quiet, which is not what I think of when I hear "four children under the age of ten".

Her masterful mixing of light and environment  not only creates stunning images, it also creates a mood that makes you feel like the child in her photos is  the only child, anywhere. The sense of quiet, calm, and the mindfulness of a photographer not disturbing, but instead letting her subject 'be' in her moment is so compelling. And then there's Summer's use of negative space to perfectly illustrate the  'small' of childhood, and the 'big' of the world that surrounds them.

To find out more about Summer, her process, and who inspires her, scroll past her gorgeous images for my interview with her.

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Q: Where are you located? You have such an amazing range of landscapes--snowy, tropical, alpine, brilliant fall deciduous forest, beach, etc.....

A: Ha-ha...I live just outside of Salt Lake City, Utah. There is a wide range of landscapes here and it is really beautiful but I'm a warm weather girl at heart so we tend to visit So. Cal. a lot and so most of my tropical/beach pictures are from there. Everything else was taken in good ol' Utah.


Q: How has incorporating mobile photography into your personal work effected your day, either personally or professionally, or both.

A: My iPhoneography has actually really helped my professional work. I (like many photographers) hear "Oh your camera takes such good pictures". Yes, I have a nice camera but in the hands of someone who doesn't know how to use it, the pictures it takes will be really really average.

I love my iPhoneography because I'm obsessed with the idea that a good photographer can take a good picture with any equipment. It makes me focus on the light and composition. And let's be good light a stinking semi-truck driving down the road can look beautiful. It really is all about the light.

Sure the image quality isn't as good as images taken with my big girl camera but you can create gorgeous, meaningful images with a phone camera. That challenge is really motivating to me.

I also love iPhoneography because my phone is almost always with me. I have four kids 10 and under. I've always wanted to be one of those people who haul their "real" camera around with them everywhere but it's just not realistic for me at this stage in life. I'm always holding a kid in one arm and holding the hand of another while telling the third to stay by me in the parking lot so no one gets run over. If I threw my camera into the mix, it would surely get lost or broken. So my phone can fill in the gaps.. It can never replace my DSLR. That is my 5th baby but my phone does a pretty good job of catching moments that would otherwise go undocumented.

I also love it because all throughout my day I am constantly inspired by things I see around me. I'm one of those people who gets really distracted easily (borderline ADD). Before I had my a-ha moment about how I could create amazing images with my phone, I would see something I wanted to photograph and think to myself "oh I'm totally bringing my camera back here" Nine times out of ten, I never made it back because I never thought about it again. Out of sight out of mind. Now, I can often be seen pulling off the road to take a picture of something that i find beautiful. Yes, I get lots of stares from strangers wondering what I am doing and complaints from my kids when I make them stand in the frame but I love love love it! And now that I have a picture of how awesome that place was, I always remember it and I am much more likely to go back with my big girl camera. My iPhone photography satisfies instantly my creative impulses as they hit me. It such a great outlet for me and truly have captured some images that I absolutely treasure!  And I really love the supportive and inspirational IG community.

Q: Do you have a process or workflow for your mobile work? What is it? What apps do you use?

A: I take the images in Camera+, then edit in Snapseed, then open in either VSCO or Afterglow. I love different things about each of these apps. Couldn't do without any of them.

Q: Where to do draw photographic inspiration? Who inspires you?

A: Geesh, this is such an all encompassing question. First of all my kids inspire me number one hands down. Watching them with their fresh view of the world is just so awe-inspiring for me. They inspire what I do the very most.

I'm always attracted to work that is raw, pure, and honest yet really really creative. As far as photographers go. I came across a guy who's work blows my mind recently...

Fer Juaristi. His use of light is amazing and his compositions blow me away.

Maw Wanger blows my mind with his compositions.

Love Molly Flannigan for her ability to capture the everyday in such a beautiful way.

Kelly Hatcher for her use of light and the way she brings everything to life with it.

Deb Schwedhelm for her raw and hauntingly powerful images and of course the likes of Annie Leibovitz, and Irving Penn...this list could really be a mile long so I'll stop now.

On IG, I adore: Jessica Deane (@jessydeane) Deanna McCasland (@deannamccasland) Michelle Nicoloff (@michellenicoloff) Ashley Meiners (@ashley_meiners) Valeria Spring (@valspring)

Cubby Graham @cubbygraham....