Satya Curcio Photography: Twins in Studio

I am a sucker for two things: twins (I'm the mother of twins... ) and well done studio portraits.  This submission by Seattle photographer Satya Curcio satisfies both!  Beautiful babies, beautifully shot.  What could be better?  Thank you for sharing Satya!

-Sandra Coan

From Satya:

"I was so honored to photograph these beautiful twins, probably my favorite shoot this winter."

About Satya: based in Seattle, Washington / website / facebook / contact

scroll down for a few words from Amy Grace


the classic beauty of these portraits will surely last forever. every image is perfectly framed, so organically posed, and full of innocence and light. these children are stunners, and satya so perfectly captures the closeness of their relationship. taking a studio session and making it so natural is something i admire so much. the way these infants seem to find each other, reaching out, tiny hands and absolutely lovely.

- Amy Grace