Megan Axelsson, Family as Art

Wow!  These photos by Kansas photographer Megan Axelsson are just beyond beautiful!  So moody and intriguing!  They make me want to know more!  More about this family and more about this shoot and the story behind it.  Fantastic!

-Sandra Coan

when i take in megan's work, i am struck by how clear her voice speaks through her images, and how true she is to herself. there is a drama, a depth, a universality that gives me pause, that says something about the way we feel about family, the weight of love. she finds pockets of light in darkness, quite literally, and stillness in a world that seems to never stop. megan has captured the essence of this family with such rawness of emotion and purity, that it leaves me breathless. she is able to translate the tone and meaning of her personal work into her job with other families, which is quite a feat, accomplished beautifully. on top of her talent, megan is exceedingly kind and humble, and true to the heart of these pictures. i feel so lucky to be able to share this session, and hope it will inspire all of us to find that voice that makes us who we are, and channel it into the art we make.

- Amy Grace


About Megan: Megan Axelsson Photography, based in Lawrence, Kansas / website / facebook / contact