Friday Favorites: Portraits

  portraits are so intimate, they can feel like a window to what is inside. whether they are posed or natural, serious or joyful, there is something fragile and beautiful about any of us, showing up, trying, looking at the camera, being who we are at this moment. we are all changing, we are all fleeting, but a portrait can be forever, a record of ourselves. i am moved with what is real and strong and honest. i appreciate that courage, especially in a child, to let down the veil of shyness, trepidation, self-consciousness, and just be. to look at a camera, straight on, and let it in, takes trust and safety and willingness that holds a beauty in itself. portraits are so much about being human, in all our softness, with all our fight.

we were overwhelmed with the response this week. thank you ALL for sharing your work, so personal, so beautiful, so worthy of an audience. i had about fifty favorites but in the end choose these. if yours is not here, chances are it almost was, that it spoke to me, and got inside my heart. thank you...

- Amy Grace



Melissa Weicker Photography

 Elaine Melko Photography

 Tytia Habing Photography

 she saw things: photography by jen downer

 Lindsey Bergstrom Photography

Meaghan Curry Photography

Photography by Rebecca Leimbach

Aimee T. McNamee Photography

 D'arcy Benincosa Photography and Film

Simply Splendid Images


ME Photographia