Christina Mallet on Instagram: Featuring @Studioidyll

Well hello Ladies and Gents! Tis me, Christina, the Little Bellows feature newbie, covering all things mobile. I hope my weekly picks inspire you! If you have folks that you think I should check out, please ping me at And may this amazingly non-traditional-art form, mobile photography (yes, I'm talking about your phone) capture more light in your life. (Psst... if you missed my intro last week, by way of Sandra,  you can see it here.)


Today, I'm presenting the work of @Studioidyll (aka Reagan) who I've been following on Instagram (IG) for a while now. I think her work is a perfect intro into this new Little Bellows because @studioidyll marries the world of "mom" and "art" in a way I love.


Let's face it, sometimes, Momming is not redonkulously glamorous and sometimes, the map of the day can be seen in your shirt. However, I'm pretty sure that @Studioidyll could present this interpretative spill dance on her shirt in a way that would be compositionally spot on and also compelling in its balance of beauty and grit. Case in point, this image, which I adore.


Yes, these are the cheeky chunky thighs of a toddler--the Rockettes thighs will never make you swoon like these gams.

So, this is the honesty of motherhood. There is no 'super-smooth-baby-went-through-the-Photoshop-skin-wash' here. There's a little ruddy in that chubb, that yellow t-shirt is a bit pilly, and that, that my friends, that is honesty.

And then, there's the fact that we are looking at a kiddos almost privates, front and center.

Does this make you feel weird?

You're not sure huh?

Well, I say get over it!

The wonderful lines of those thighs and the beautiful limpiness of the hand, in a  'my-digits-are-still-working-on-the-fine-motor-thing' kind of way, make me swoon. The beauty @studioidyll is showing us is something that Moms everywhere will see and perhaps compel them to root around in the basement for the box labeled Old Baby Clothes, for which they will open and find the pilliest item of the lot and then bury their face long and hard, trying to sniff up a bit of nostalgia. Nostalgia for their own version of those chubby thighs, which are now taut and dexterous from use and age.


Okay, so here's a little interview of Ms. @Studioidyll. Please be sure to check her out on IG!

Q :      You’re obviously a creative person. Is this by training, education, etc? Are you a professional photographer? If so, what do you do?

A:  It’s funny, but it’s only very recently that I’ve started to self-identify as a creative person.  I have liberal arts background, and I don’t work in a creative field.  All that is to say that I’m an amateur photographer.  Passionate, but employed with other work that I love.

Q    How has your photography changed since you had kids?

A:  The obvious answer is that I’ve taken a lot more baby pictures.  But the truth is that, when Elsie was tiny, I lost all interest in shooting anything other than her.  I’d found my muse.  I was more connected and invested in my subject than I had ever been.  Plus, I became fanatical about documenting everyday life.  Babies grow up so quickly!

I think that passion has spilled over into every aspect of my photography.

Right now, I’m really working at trying to take more shots that tell a story.  That’s probably what I love the most about my iPhone: it’s documentary storytelling at its best.  Everything else that I can obsess over as a photographer is stripped away.

Q :     Who on IG inspires you?

A: So many, I don’t even know where to start.  Today, I love Becky Zeller (@zellerbecky), for amazing shots of life in Scandinavia, Cindy Loughridge (@cindyloughridge), for moody shots with beautiful light, and Hannah Queen (@hannahqueen), for amazing food/details and landscape stuff.

Q:     What apps do you use to shoot and edit?

A: I have a lot of apps, but, honestly, most of the time, I use exclusively Instagram with my good old Earlybird filter.  I do use Camera+ sometimes, because I like the ability to separate the focus point from the exposure.  That’s handy when I’m trying to blow out highlights.

Q :     Do you print your mobile work? If so, do you hang it, put it in a drawer?

A: I do print my favorite Instagram pictures.  I have several of them taped up around the house, many of them at Elsie’s eye level, i.e., low enough for Elsie to see them (and tear them off the wall and, uh, eat them).  They’re the perfect kind of snapshot for the fridge, you know?  I also made a book of images from last summer, on Blurb.