Margaret Jacobsen: Sunday Morning

Amy Grace recently introduce me to the work of Oregon photographer Margaret Jacobsen, and I'm so glad she did!  Margaret's work is just gorgeous!  The images below speak for themselves!!  Really beautiful Margaret, thanks for sharing!

- Sandra Coan

 From Margaret:

"These photos aren't my most recent but some of the dearest to my heart that I've actually been dying to share. I took these on a Sunday morning when my family was just lounging around. My children are very close, and I try to capture as many special moments between them as possible. Same with my daughter and my husband. Sunday mornings are sacred to us, and I feel as if there isn't anything more beautiful than simply being with my family. I approach my photos from an observer standpoint. I try not to direct, but really to just watch and capture moments exactly how I see them."

About Margaret: based in Portland, OR  / website / contact / facebook

scroll down for a few words from Amy Grace


These images are as close to perfect as it gets for me. The sense of softness, intimacy, and love infused in Margaret's work makes we want to stop whatever i am doing, go hug my kids, and feel the tenderness of the moment. The light here is so magical, her children almost seem lit from within. We get the beautiful feeling of what it must be like to be a part of this family, and she reminds us that some of the most exquisite moments in life are ones that we need not create. What a gift to the world, and certainly to this family. I am truly in awe of Margaret's heart and talent.

- Amy Grace