Christina Mallet: A New Member to the Little Bellows Team!!

I'm super excited to announce that the fabulous Christina Mallet has joined the Little Bellows team as our Instagram and iPhoneography expert!  She'll be combing Instagram to find the best and most inspiring work out there to share with all of you!  So, if you have great photos that you have taken on your phone,  send them to Christina today!  And don't forget to label your favorite Instagram pics with #littlebellows (it will help Christina to find you!!!)  I can not wait to see what you all have to share!

-Sandra Coan

From Christina:

I've been a working photographer since 2005 but this didn't fully sink in until I found myself fibbing about photos. When, in casual conversations, people learned I was professional photog, the conversation would go something like this:


Person: "Oh, cool! You must always be taking amazing photos of your kids!"

Me:     "Me?... ya, that's really spot on.

Person: "Can you take a picture of our kids playing right now? They look so cute!"

Me:       "Oh..... I forgot to tell you. I had my camera (insert stolen, lost, smashed,) today!


People like 'Person' (see above) seemed to think that I would be camera strapping 24/7, when actually, after a day of shooting clients, all I wanted to do was 'be' with my people, not capturing them yelling at me to "Put that camera down and hang out with us!’ Plus, bringing my camera home from the studio, meant I was risking the welfare of said camera--I feared Spawn and Spawnette would make my equipment go BOOM!


But then, then, I got an iPhone and the fibbing stopped and the Mallet Family became pixeled x 100,000,000.


I like square pictures, not people, and so I fancied the Hipstamatic app for shooting, I still do.  That little square format works perfectly with Instagram's square picture UI, which I spent/d much time on. Little Bellows Sandra and I...we’d go out on the town and by the end of the night our conversations were byway of Instagram comments on each other's photos. I was now a photographer 24/7, but I was cool with that-- it was effortless and in-the-moment.


Mobile photography helped me mesh mom and photographer, way better. I now document my family even though they aren't paying me. I can make discreet and compelling little images of them and our life, whenever and wherever. I've mastered the iPhone self-portrait, and although one arm now drags on the floor from over stretching it to make those photos, I now, for the first time in my time as a mom, have images of me with my kids.


So, I'd like to thank Steve Jobs for giving me a tool that now means I don't have to fib about how awesome I am as a Momtographer. I can do Mom and Art seamlessly and simultaneously.


Have you found yourself making interesting, beautiful, quirky photos with your mobile phone? Wanna show them? Yes? Then submit .....?