Friday Favorites: New

For this week's Friday Favorites, we asked you to post "something new" to our Facebook wall. We had a large number of submissions, around half of which were of newborns: the best new thing anyone could ever ask for! So, we chose from the newborn portraits for our favorites this week. We had so many incredible shots...wish we had room to post them all. One thing I found rather consistent in this series was the photojournalistic quality: each one represents a very real behavior that is unique to, and  characteristic of, a typical newborn or newborn family experience. That's what makes this series so special to me, being 35 weeks pregnant myself and about to burst: this is what we're about to experience, in real life, in real time. And it's a beautiful experience to be had.

The one exception to the photojournalism consistency is the last photo in the series, which is a striking fine art shot that you should not miss. (We just couldn't leave it out.)

- Cat Thrasher

Elizabeth Clark Photography

505 Pictures

Aimee Tapajna McNamee

Jessica Vaughn Photography


Generations Photography

erica moffitt | naki studios

ljholloway photography

Justine Trevino Booth

 Jessica Deane Photography


lily B photography

Megan Dill Photography

Stephanie Marie Photographie