Jennifer Vititoe of Bella Fotografia: Girls in Golden Light

There is something so simple and timeless about these photos that I just love!  Two beautiful little girls, in beautiful light.  What could be better?

-Sandra Coan

From Jennifer:

"These images are of my girls taken in a small empty lot at the end of our block.  They are pretty much tired of camera, so I give them a chance to run and explore the lot while I snap away.  Ever the big sister, my oldest dotes on the youngest with hugs and kisses constantly.  And every once in a while admist their running, playing, and twirling, I might get them to sit for a images together.

These were all shot on a Canon EOS 1N with  Portra 400, one of my first attempts at film, but I think I love it.  And definitely want to shoot more."

About Jennifer: based in New Orleans / website / contact / facebook