Simply by Suzy: The Day After

Newborns are magical.  And there is something so special about those first few hours together after a baby has been born!  These photos by Chicago area photographer Suzzane Brown of Simply By Suzy capture those emotions perfectly!  Thank you Suzy!!

-Sandra Coan

From Suzy:

"What would have been another ordinary Friday in my world suddenly became one of the most memorable and wonderful ones for me as my best friends gave birth to their first daughter on 11.11.11.  Although I missed her actual arrival, I took a few moments to stop by the hospital after and meet the new addition for myself.  The moment I laid eyes on that squishy little face I felt like my heart was going to burst it felt so full of love for her!  I was in between sessions that day but thankfully had enough time to relish in everyone’s joy, watch Cora have her first bath, tell my best friend how proud I was of her, and take a few photos.  Here are but a few of my faves from our time together… and here’s to all of the many adventures that I’m sure we will have!"

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