Sarah Day-Boodhoo Photography: Soupy Fog and a Roll of Film per Week

I love these photos!  The fog and the red sweatshirt are so lovely together!  Not to mention Sarah Day-Boodhoo's adorable little guy!!  So great! I also love this idea of shooting 1 roll of film a week!  So inspiring Sarah!!  I'm going to do it too... 1 roll a week for 2013!!!  Woohoo!!!  I can't wait to start!  Would anyone else like to join us?  If so let me know... I want to see everyone's "1 roll a week" photos!!  So be sure to send the in!!!

-Sandra Coan

From Sarah:

"I had missed the first day of soupy fog but was SO delighted when I woke the next morning and found the fog had returned (lucky me - as the next day turned frigid and the fog did not return). Aiden was such a sport, as it was pretty chilly out, but he loved the eeriness the fog brought. Inspired by a session by Lexia Frank where she'd used just 1-roll of film in the blueberry field - I'm picking up a 1-roll a week shoot project for 2013, and limiting my posts to 15 images. This my kick-off to my project."

Images were shot using a Hasselblad 501cm with Fuji 400H rated at 800 as well as a Canon 60D with the 50mm 1.2L lens

About Sarah: based in New Jersey  / website / contact / facebook

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From Cat:

Yes: one personal roll per week! I'm going to do this too.

The red hoodie was an inspired clothing choice for the soupy fog of the above series. Sarah, great choice! Warm clothing colors like reds and oranges are a perfect contrast to the cool colors of a winter backdrop, and a good choice for outdoor winter shoots. Fun shoot!

- Cat Thrasher