Catherine Abegg, CALIMA Portraits: Playful Holiday Studio Session

I am so happy to be sharing this adorable Holiday session by Seattle photographer Catherine Abegg.  They are everything I love about modern studio photography.  Gorgeous as always Catherine!

- Sandra

From Catherine:

" I love having a studio for photo sessions, but I always try to make sure that the session doesn't feel like studio photos, if that makes sense!  I still strive to capture the family in a relaxed & playful mood, but I still love the cleanness of my studio sessions.  And with this session in particular, I loved that there is still the feeling of "holiday spirit," even though there is nothing overtly kitschy about the set up… pi's, colored lights, maybe a scarf or two, and boom!  Happy Holidays!"

Images shot on a Hasselblad H1, with Kodak Portra 400
About Catherine: based in Seattle, WA / website / contact /facebook
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Cat's take:
These photos are really interesting because Catherine put a modern spin on an old-style method of photography: studio film portraiture. It's a really unique approach in this era, as most sessions are done outside, and few photographers have studios anymore. I love every picture of Catherine's, and I'm so glad to see this kind of work happening!!