Colie James Photography: Newborn Hospital Session

I'm so happy to be starting off the week with these lovely newborn photos by Colorado photographer Colie James.  They are sweet and life-affirming and they make me feel better about the world.  Thank you for sharing Colie!

- Sandra Coan

From Colie:

"Harper just couldn't wait to be a big sister.  Drew decided to keep us all on our toes coming nearly two weeks after his due date.  Sometimes perfection just takes time <3"

About Colie: based in Colorado / website / contact / facebook

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From Cat:

Perhaps the only thing more intense, raw, and real than documenting a hospital session is documenting an actual birth. However, what's great about the hospital session is that it gives you the opportunity to focus on the baby, and everyone's initial, intense responses to the new arrival.

Here, big sister steals the show. You can tell how amazed she is at the existence of a new person in her life, and how she just wants to grab him and squeeze him as tight as she can, much to the concern of her parents! So there she is, practicing a decent amount of toddler restraint. We all know that, deep in her core, she just wants to pick him up and shake all of her love into him! Because she is still a baby too...still working on her own set of inhibition skills.

Isn't it all just magic?

- Cat Thrasher