Elizabeth Clark Photography: Snowy Family Session at the Crane Estate

Love, love, love these snowy family photos by Massachusetts photographer Elizabeth Clark!  So beautiful!!  Oh how I hope it snows in Seattle this year!!

-Sandra Coan

From Elizabeth:

"These photos are from a recent family session I photographed at the grand Crane Estate in Ipswich, MA.  It was an amazing, snowy day and the location was a photographer's/fan of Downton Abbey's dream come true."

About Elizabeth: based in Boston, MA  / website / contact / facebook

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Cat's take:

I love that this family and photographer did not cancel the shoot when they found out that it would be snowing! It's definitely a challenge to photograph in inclement weather, but it's worth it: the pictures that you end up with are incredibly unique, one-time opportunities. This is especially true for snow and rain. Unless it's literally pouring rain, the light during inclement weather is often consistent, soft and intense. You also get beautiful textures in the backdrop that are impossible to create on a sunny day.

Thanks for sharing, Elizabeth!

- Cat Thrasher