Friday Favorites: Favorite Things!

Wow! Super great photos this week!! Thank you all for joining in the fun and posting your "favorite things" to our Facebook wall! One of my "favorite things" about Little Bellows is that we have readers from around the world!  And so for next week's Friday Favorites I want to know what "December" looks like where you live!  Post your "December" photos to our Facebook wall and maybe next week your work will be featured here on the blog!

Have a great weekend!


"My daughter's favorite thing is her hair. No one else in the family has curls. She's not shy about it either. One time I asked her what her little sister was doing and she said," Looking at my beautiful hair." Sigh" ~ Lindsey Scott Bergstrom

"Our FAVORITE thing to do is get a cookie at the grocery store. There is NO WAY I can pass up this isle, its our first stop every time. I tried to skip it one time..and it was a disaster! lol" ~Jackie Tyghem Photography

"His favorite thing is this blankie!" ~Stacie Turner Photography

"my daughter's very favorite iPhone!" ~ Sallykate Photography

"She loves her sister's trophies so much. Guessing since she is too little for one, just yet." ~Kate T. Parker Photography

"a favorite moment is when my daughter shares her food with her little brother. after a year, she is still having difficulty adjusting to having a baby brother. but moments like these (sharing her chocolate chip cookie) let me know that everything is going to be okay." ~Heather Lindsey Robinson

"Teddies are her favourite" ~ Samantha Photography

"a favorite thing..." ~Alana Harris Photography