Jax Harmon Photography: Newborn Goodness

There is just nothing better than a newborn baby!  Nothing! Thanks for sharing these sweet little portraits Jax!


"I have to come to cherish the alone time (even if it is fleeting) I get with my babies after they are born, while still in the hospital. There is something magical about it being just the two of us, getting to know each other after months of being "one." I also take that time to snap a few pictures while they are still brand new (since they are passed around and held almost 24/7 the first few weeks when family is visiting). This third time around Oskar and I were blessed with a room that had an enormous window, giving us gorgeous light for our little session! I will cherish these photos for the rest of my life; they grow so fast and as memories fade you forget all the little newborn expressions."

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From Cat:

This is a true newborn! I love how real these pictures are, with the hospital bracelet and the standard-issue baby blanket. This is what it's actually like to be a newborn, before you doll the baby up in cute hats, or clean up mom and dad for a formal portrait.

We have no idea what this baby will look like when they're 3, 5, and 7 years old. But when the are 7 years old, we will look back at these pictures and say "yes, that's definitely him!"

- Cat Thrasher