Amy Grace, A Beautiful Life Photo : Motherhood With A Camera

i embrace emerging experience. i participate in discovery. i am a butterfly. i am not a butterfly collector. i want the experience of the butterfly.
- william stafford


the feeling of a memory. the more i let my mind and heart wander, the busier we get, the less time we are able to be free and together, the more i come back to these words. this is why i take pictures, simple and distilled. this is the gift i want to give my kids. i want them to be able to feel what it felt like to be them, to be us.

it is not that i don't want them to look their best, to act their best, and capture that. but real life is best. i believe that i see it, and they feel it, when they get to be who they are becoming. it is a hard business, feeling that way, being authentic, letting ourselves flow, following our own pulses, without pause. i want them to be able to look at a picture of themselves ten years from now and be able to slip on the emotion of today. each image can be a starting point, an invitation to their own memory, precious and raw. because memory is elusive. some days it feels like trying to catch water as it runs through my fingers.

when my brother and i were kids, my parents did not have a fancy camera. we did not have the extra money for portraits, our clothes were sometimes hand me downs. but the richness of our memories, the fun, the quirkiness, the humor, the intelligence my parents infused in the everyday makes my emotions light up with every color in the rainbow, just thinking of those times. we had snapshots. and we were ourselves in those little glimpses, even with the flash going off, the silly, imperfect looks and light. we were off the cuff. the feeling, the little hands finding each other, the big hugs, the nervous smiles…it was how we lived. so i thank them for showing me that it is actually that simple. and i am feeling it all over again. life can be so elegant. some moments almost lived out in slow motion, because i am watching so carefully, because i see them embodying the time surrounding them with all their hearts. so i hope i can leave them these little keys, that unlock a world. a world full of love, freedom, emotion, experience. we all have these stories that flow like rivers, like wind. we move with them, we carry them with us. About Amy: based in San Diego, CA / website / contact / facebook