Kayla June Photography: A Family Session!

As a mom and as a photographer, I totally relate to these photos!  I've been on both sides!  And I know how hard and frustrating it can be for everyone when a child is not quite in the picture taking mood when picture time arrives!  Bravo to both Kayla June, and this adorable mom and dad for sticking with it, photographing the meltdown, the soothing with the smart phone (an image I LOVE by the way) and the happy little boy at the end!  Such true portraits of a three year old!  They are all darling!

-Sandra Coan

From Kayla:

" I shot this session for some dear friends who are also photographers.  Mom had high hopes and lots of ideas for our time together, but when her three-year-old fell asleep in the car, we had to move to plan b.  I shot mom and dad, then got some maternity photos and when the little guy joined us, he was in a less-than-smiley mood!  I'm still so happy with what we got, and mom loves the one of her little man crying.  She says "We don't have many photos like that, and it's definitely a memory captured of our sweet boy at the age of 3."

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Scroll down for Cat’s take.

Cat's take:

My favorite shot in this series is the full-family picture where they're sitting on the bench, letting their son look at the iPhone. It's lovely because their bodies fit together like puzzle pieces, and both parents are holding up their son who sits comfortably. He's much happier with the iPhone, which has become such a go-to device for soothing children. The phone completes the picture for me, anchoring the portrait in the time in which it was taken, 2012, where we all still think iPhones are the coolest thing ever, like we once thought Walkmans and Atari systems were so cutting-edge. I hope that picture goes on their wall!

- Cat Thrasher