Christina Mallet: Dogs, Chickens & Children

Love these whimsical family photos by Seattle photographer Christina Mallet.  The thing about us Northwest folk is we love our dogs and we love our chickens!  Thanks for sharing Christina!  These are great!

-Sandra Coan

From Christina:

"Venturing out to rural Fall City, to photograph this trio, is an annual tradition--I’ve sort of watched these kiddos grow up.  Every year, at least 68.3% of the photographs feature the family animals.  Being an honorary Ms. Doolittle, I’m a big fan.

This year, we welcomed the kids’ fancy new chickens into the mix.  I was excited, which is an understatement.  See, I also grew up near Fall City, in parts that are now metropolis-like, and always raised chickens.  So, naturally, between shooting, I taught the trio how to hypnotize chickens, which is always a fun party trick.

Back to photography… I love doing portraits and so some of my favorite photos in this lot are the serious portraits.  I love the photos of Lorenzo with his amazing red hair, which perfectly matches his hen.  And then there’s Isabella, holding her fowl, in a classic portrait pose kind of way.

I’m really motivated to make portraits that poke fun at tradition, so a classic portrait peppered with a slightly odd element (enter: Chicken), is, to me, subtly quirky and therefore, more interesting to make and look at. I love me a good juxtaposition."

About Christina: based in Seattle, WA / website / contact /facebook

Scroll down for Cat’s take.

Cat's take:

Christina said it all in her comments above, and I agree with every sentiment: the odd, random chicken and the serious face shots are definitely my favorites. What a blessing to have captured the moment where both enormous dogs are sniffing the chicken! It's both intimidating and gentle at the same time. Those dogs could gobble up that chicken in a heartbeat! But they don't...they just explore. They're probably used to the chickens, and have been taught that they're not food.

I've always loved Christina Mallet's work...I hope we see more in the future!

- Cat Thrasher