Sandra Coan: Stormy Seattle + Cheery Little Kids!

Have you ever had one of those shoots that goes so well that you think it can't possibly get any better, and then it does?  That was this shoot for me. I love this family.  I've been working with them for years. These kids are off the charts cute.  We had the perfect stormy Northwest skies.  But then, just as we were wrapping things up, we noticed a pod of Orca Whales out in the Sound.  I've lived in Seattle for almost 20 years, and have never seen wild Orcas before!  It was magical!  And I just had to share!

- Sandra Coan

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From Cat:

I love the colors in this series! The blue lollipop, the boy's blue striped sweater, the orange trees. Mix that with the natural Seattle grey skies and wet landscape, and the cheery, cheery children, and this is a great series. You can really tell that they had fun hanging out with Sandra on the shore, climbing the tree stump, munching on lollipops, and just being kids! The grins are proof. Awesome job, Sandra!

- Cat Thrasher