Cara Harrison, Mischief and Laughs Photography: Two Little Girls, A Farm, and Fearless Enthusiasm

Adorable toddlers, baby farm animals and gorgeous light!  What is there not to love?  Awesome photos Cara!  Thank you for sharing.

-Sandra Coan

 From Cara:

"My toddler inspires me like nothing else... she has a special energy about her, her bubbly personality shining through in everything that she does. We took a trip to a local farm a few weeks ago, to visit the animals and run off steam with her little best friend. Her exuberance and her lack of timidity with the animals astounded me. I want to bottle up her curious spirit and keep it for always, I want to be able to pull it out on a moment's notice when I am feeling sad or scared or alone. I want her to teach me how to be alive. "

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Scroll down for comments from Cat.

From Cat:

This whole series in full of love and inspiration. Cara put it perfectly in her comments above: this little girl's energy and fearlessness is something we all wish we had. Cara captured that energy in these pictures, and made perfect use of the constantly varying light in each of these farm scenes.

Thank you for sharing, Cara. Keep it coming!

- Cat Thrasher