Stacia Hehenberger: A Little Boy Before Bed, A Real Life Inspiration

I love every thing about these images by Florida photographer Stacia Hehenberger!  Love the assignment, love the flash light and I LOVE the photos!  They are beautifully photographed for sure, but also, this is such a little kid thing to do!  I remember reading by flashlight as a child, and I know my own kids think a flashlight at bedtime is the most awesome thing in all the world!  So great.  Such a perfect moment captured in time.  (I love the silhouette as well Stacia!)  Just stunning. From Stacia:

"I'm typically a straight + narrow natural light shooter but had been aching for some images of my three year old at bedtime. He softens and slows down, which has become so rare these days. Enter, Deb Schwedhelm and her Breaking the Mold workshop. One of the exercises challenged us to get out of our comfort zone when it came to light. So when my little guy tucked himself in one night with a book and a flashlight, I grabbed my camera, bumped up the ISO and turned off all of the lights in the room. The flashlight was the only light source. The reverse silhouette is my favorite of the series. "

-Sandra Coan

About Stacia: based in Florida / website/ contact /facebook

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From Cat:

This series is inspiring, especially knowing Stacia's own motivation for trying something new. Most of the work that we see at Little Bellows uses natural light, just as Stacia admitted is her usual set-up. But so much our lives is spent under artificial light, especially in the throes of winter! And shouldn't we be motivated to document our real lives, the way it really unfolds? The real, day-to-day lives that we have with our children? I think so.

I agree with Stacia: my favorites are the silhouettes. So dramatic! But the others are great too, because  the little boy is holding the flashlight. They show him in his own little world.

- Cat Thrasher