Stacie Turner Photography: Fairy Tales

I think everything Connecticut photographer Stacie Turner does is creative and unique, but these Fairy Tale photos just take the cake.  They are full of whimsy, mystery and are even a little bit creepy... every thing kids LOVE!  If we lived closer, I'd be signing my boys up for a session for sure!

I can't think of a better set of images to be sharing on Halloween!  Too fun!

From Stacie:

" These fantasy sessions are a special delight and charm children like no other portraits. I work with my clients ahead of time to design a session around their child’s favorite fairy tale or bit of folklore, whether it’s Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood or a woodsman with his bow and arrow and we shoot for that one perfect image to hang large on the wall."

-Sandra Coan

About Stacie: based in West Hartford, Connecticut / website/ contact /facebook

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Cat's take:

This is such an incredibly unique package to offer your clients! I love the idea, especially for older kids who could really get into it! And the pictures are beautiful as well. Thank you for sharing, Stacie Turner!

- Cat Thrasher