Monika Eisenbart: A Newborn and His Family

I always say, there is nothing better than a newborn baby!  And New York photographer Monika Eisenbart captured that wonderful cozy feeling of bringing your new baby home perfectly with these gorgeous photos.  So sweet and special!  I love every one!

-Sandra Coan

From Monika:

"I have been taking pictures of this family since I started my photography journey. The have always believed in me and my work.  We got to know each othervery well and become good friends. I was so excited to capture those precious moments with their new family member Aedan. Being 27 weeks pregnant myself I was trying to take images that I would love to have with my newborn baby. Everyone was so relaxed, we let the situation unfold naturally and I was just being there and watching them and documenting their time together."

About Monika: based in New York  / website / contact / facebook

Scroll down to the end for Cat’s take.

Cat's take:

Every one of these photographs is special. I believe that one of the most important elements of a newborn baby is its little face, so I love that Monika provided such beautifully detailed shots of this little one's mug. The family's reaction is also significant and well-captured in this series: the cuddly couple, the proud dad, the older sister staring happily and curiously at her new baby brother. And of course, there's mama, snuggling up to her newborn in a protective and complete embrace.

I'm 25 weeks pregnant myself, and this makes me ready for that day!

- Cat Thrasher