Friday Favorites: Pumpkins!!

Thank you again to everyone who posted a photo to our Facebook wall!  I really do love them all!  It's hard to choose! As you all know, Halloween is next Wednesday.  And (as if you can't tell) I totally LOVE Halloween.  My children will be Trick-or-Treating on Saturday in the business district of my neighborhood, and then again with our friends on Halloween night.  I'm sure to be taking lots of photos of both events.  If you plan documenting the festivities in your neck of the woods as well, then we want to see it!  So next week post your favorite Trick-or-Treating photos to our Facebook wall, and I'll choose my favorites to be posted here on the blog next Friday!

Have a great weekend!

-Sandra Coan

Photo Credits: Laura Morita Photography, Charlene Hardy Photography, Amanda Tipton, Leslie Densford Photography, and Sara Kelly