Ginger Unzueta Photography: A Mama, her Gorgeous Girls, and Attachment

I'm so excited to be sharing these gorgeous photos by Ginger Unzueta! I fell in love with them as soon as I saw them.  The light is absolutely amazing!!  But so is the connection between this mother and her babies.  I can feel it!  So well done!  And such a beautiful family!!  Thank you for sharing Ginger!

-Sandra Coan

From Ginger:

"I had so much fun capturing these two sisters and their mother.  When Jennifer scheduled the session;  it was in hopes of capturing her youngest daughter as she just turned one. If we were able to get any pictures of big sister that would be an added bonus.   As we were spending time together I asked Jennifer if she would like to join her girls in the pictures?   Sometimes, as mothers we are hesitant to get be a part of the pictures. We all have our reasons, but it seems to be pretty common.  Jennifer agreed that she did want to get in some of them and in fact said that she needed to. She told me that their dog had passed away the week prior to our shoot and that she'd always wanted to do pictures with the dog and their family but never did.  We are never promised tomorrow, so we need to embrace today for all that it is.  I  am so excited that we were able to capture Jennifer and her daughters. They are my favorites from this shoot.   "

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Scroll down to the end for Cat’s take.

Cat's take:

Oh man, it's true: you can really feel the love in these photos! The very first photo shows it immediately: the two daughters looking at their mama lovingly, mama looking back with a huge smile on her's the embodiment of secure attachment! Not to mention how gorgeous all three subjects are.

This is a perfect example, after our post earlier this week, of how mom should get in the pictures. In this case, mom really completes the shots, as it gives us a shot, not just of her gorgeous 1-year old and toddler, but of an entire relationship and infant-mom dynamic. Gorgeous, and uplifting! Thank you, Ginger!

- Cat Thrasher