Amy Grace, A Beautiful Life Photo : Motherhood With A Camera

"every tree and plant in the meadow seemed to be dancing. those which average eyes would see as fixed and still."- rumi

we pay dearly for the eyes we own. we walk through storms and joy, learn lessons that tug at our souls and challenge our wills…we become parents. the latter really shook up everything i thought i knew, and rearranged every atom of me. being a mother has made me see with all of my senses, and remember with all my my might. but as complicated as the waves and layers of this are, everything seems as simple as it ever could. now i know it as plain as my own heart, as simple as taking a breath. love cuts through everything and the rest falls away. and it is a PERFECT reminder when we are photographing our children.

it is hard to escape the wheels in motion, the walls of our homes, the tools, and scenes and light we've been given. when it does happen, i savor it, the newness of the landscape, the exploring that we get to do through their eyes. but we don't need a perfect movie set to get a priceless portrait. you need light and trust. all of the talking and dreaming and laughing together show up in my kids eyes when they look at me. a small corner of our world, a small pause that can feel like the whole world, is all any of us needs for a spotlight. the right image does something magical to that memory of them. it gives them a soundtrack. it makes us see our lives so differently, lets us into the pulse. a great picture gives a moment a voice that will last forever.

clutter is everywhere - in my house, my car, my mind, my worries. the lives we push through have us chasing so many myths and rhythms, that it is too easy to lose our own. a camera can be the gift we need to remember to breathe, to slow down, to notice, to be attentive. so, simple is my new mantra. some of my favorite images happen when i forget all of the things i want to happen. look for the pure moments. look for the movement in the still moments. make them if you have to, but start with a real conversation, a real adventure, a real connection with your kids, or anyone else. if i want my children to grow up to be authentic, i need to be a guide. i need to show them, with my love and with the pictures i take, that who they are is art to me. all they need to do is be in their own skin. it is that simple. it is that true.

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