Crystal Hardin, Lily B Photography: A Crisp, Classic Family Session

Happy Monday!   I'm happy to be starting this week off with these classic family photos by Virginia photographer Crystal Hardin of Lily B Photography.

-Sandra Coan

There's something to be said for a crisp, clean family session like this one. The light is perfect, everyone looks handsome and beautiful, and we even have some grandparents thrown into the mix. These are the kind of photos that get hung on walls so that we can look back at them and remember exactly what we looked like, years ago. And we have proof that yes, we were together back then, and we were family.

- Cat Thrasher

From Crystal:

"an extended family session. six kids. six adults. and, me. challenged with capturing this extended family and its loving relationships as a gift to the grandparents on their anniversary. it was complete chaos, and i loved it."

About Crystal: based in Alexandria, Virginia  / website / contact /facebook


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