Isabel Furie Photography: A newborn with her family!

I'm happy to be wrapping up the week with this lovely newborn series by Boston photographer Isabel Furie.  There is just nothing better than a newborn baby! From Isabel:

"i'm a photographer in boston. i shot this session for my friend Kerri Green, who also happens to be a photographer. there is something about that, about being asked by a fellow photographer, that is so nervewracking!! and of course flattering. you know they will truly understand the value and depth of the images. i can't get enough of Ella anytime i'm around her and so i just let her bop around the whole time. her dad works on the family farm and wasn't around a ton this summer so i knew images with him were important. and mostly, i just love being able to do this for my friend. who had just welcomed her second little one, Cooper. "

-Sandra Coan

About Isabel: based in Boston / website / contact /facebook

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From Cat:
I like this session because it is a pictoral representation of what it's like to come back from the hospital with your little one. Laying on the bed, breastfeeding, chaos, everyone in the changing family piled on top of one another. This is it: this is life! These are the moments of change and newness that we use to identify our lives for eternity. This is why we exist!