Chloe Lodge Photography: A Boy and His Dad

A little boy out for the day with his dad!  What could be better than that?  These images warm my heart!  Thank you Chloe! From Chloe:

"As a born story-teller and a trained photojournalist, I simply love to shoot stories. Families' stories. Their life - as it is today. Capturing memories, real memories of real moments. Portraits are not enough for me, it's about context and surroundings too. Out walking in the woods with Daddy. Learning to shoot an arrow like Robin Hood. Treasured moments within simple but beautiful surroundings.

 Malaysia maybe my home but England has my soul. And when I get to return, I can't wait to head out with my camera. When I shoot children and families I like to tap into my own childhood, into my memories. A life I once knew so well, a life that made me, me. Although I was never that little boy with a bow and arrow. I was a little girl walking in the woods with my Daddy being shown flowers and streams and little bugs."

-Sandra Coan

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From Cat:

This is a very unique series, and I'm so glad to see it, because it features dad! The bond that children have with their fathers is so different from the bond that they share with their mothers. The traditional view is that our fathers will teach us about the greater world, stoking our curiosity about new subjects and wonders. This is what I see in this series, in all its nurture and glory. Sweet and lovely. Thank you for sharing, Chloe!

- Cat Thrasher