Mel Bosna, Lulliloo Photography: One Big, Happy Family

What sweet photos of this beautiful family, shot by Arizona photographer Mel Bosna of Lulliloo Photography.  I can just feel the love!  Thanks for sharing Mel!  

From Mel:

"This precious little family expanded to include baby Elise this year, the young couple's fourth! These children are all two years apart and already little adventurers! It was such an honor to take pictures of them in their home and exploring a neighborhood desert preserve. Enjoy their love!!"

-Sandra Coan

About Mel: based in Phoenix, AZ / website / contact / facebook

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From Cat:

I am so blown away by the family in these photos! What a gorgeous display of love and beauty in a large, happy family! I also really like the color treatment that Mel gave these images, as it goes right along with their adorable outfits. Thanks for sharing, Mel!

- Cat Thrasher