Alexandra Feild, Red Berry Photography: Apple Picking with the Fam!

We're ending the week with this colorful and fun, fall inspired family shoot by Texas photographer Alexandra Feild of Red Berry Photography.  Too cute! From Alexandra:

"When mom booked this session, I knew that with 4 year old twins and a 2 year old brother and a pregnant mama, we needed to find a way to engage everyone in an activity that would be fun and playful. I love bringing props that engage children. It immediately puts them at ease and makes the whole session less stressful, plus I always get more natural interaction and expressions. Apples were a perfect "pick" for this early fall session."

-Sandra Coan

About Alexandra: based in Corpus Christi, Texas  / website / contact / facebook

Scroll down for Cat's take.

From Cat: 

Wow, did Alexandra really get three small boys to sit still and look at the camera...multiple times? Small boys are one of the biggest challenges in the world of family photography. They love to zip around, running and jumping and knocking things over. Just one can be a challenge, but three small ones? That's a pretty epic proposition. This is a testament to Alexandra's incredible choice of venue and great subject interaction skills. She's obviously great with kids! Great series, thanks for sharing. :)

- Cat Thrasher