Sarah Day-Boodhoo Photography: One Sweet Family

A beautiful family beautifully photographed by New Jersey Photographer Sarah Day of Boodhoo Photography!  Don't you just feel the love every time you looks at these! From Sarah:

"This day with Kristen, Derek and their Crew flew by! A family session normally takes 40-60 minutes before kids are bored, restless and bordering a meltdown. Not so here. I honestly think we had another good hour in us it was that much fun. We hung out, played music, went to the park. No joke - this is one talented family! Kristen, a yoga instruction, Derek a film editor working on Premium Rush and musician, and the kids following suit. Everyone played, Devon played a song that he'd just learned the day before (and was good!), Maddie was tremendously skilled on the piano and it was just delicious. Then there is Luna's adorable smile. Talk about a resilient kid - she must have tumbled dozens of times, and each time, she popped back up giggling! And all of that, from a couple who are high school sweethearts. Yep - after 20+ years together they still smile this much. You can just feel the love they all have not only for each other, but for life as a whole. I can only hope my own family stays so very happy for so very long."

-Sandra Coan

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