Debbie Wibowo - D' Light Photography: In Anticipation of School!

It has been so fun to watch how our submissions have been changing with the change in the season.  Photos of kids playing on the beach and running through the sprinkler are slowly being replace by images of families is sweaters amongst crunchy leaves and little ones going back to school.  This set of back to school photos by New York City's Debbie Wibowo  of D' Light Photography are some of my favorite!  Love! From Debbie:

"We took these images few days before the school started. I initially just wanted a simple session but her love of learning made her bring her own pencils and papers. She actually asked for some math problems that she could work on during the session. :)   At the end, she pretended that she was the teacher. It was a lovely afternoon and we called it a good session. She got to do her math, I got some lovely pics.  :D"

-Sandra Coan

About Debbie: based in New York  / website /contact / facebook

Scroll down to the end for Cat’s take.


Cat's take:

This is one of the most creative sessions that I've seen with an older child! I love the props, and the child's enthusiasm. It's definitely true that inhibition kicks in with strength as children reach school age. Sometimes, that means that it's harder to elicit fun expressions in older children, who are less inclined to ham it up than the little ones. Here, Debbie really tapped into one of her interests, which really helped diversify the expressions she was able to capture. So adorable...when this girl is 20, she's going to love looking back at herself, looking so bookish and cute!

- Cat Thrasher