Simplee Photography: A Family Profile Among the Reeds

Happy Monday!  I'm excited to be starting this week off with these super sweet family photos by Wisconsin photographer Kelsea Fehlen of Simplee Photography.  This session is a perfect mix of fun, life-style photography and beautifully done portraiture (the black and whites are beyond gorgeous).  Just stunning.  Thanks Kelsea for sharing your lovely work with us once again! From Kelsea Fehlen:

"I find myself inspired by the genuine.  The real.  The fleeting moments that come and go in the blink of an eye, yet without them our lives would be empty.  So it was that from their very first email, I knew I was going to adore this session.  There is something impossibly sweet about capturing the bond and love between children and their grandparents…two generations which note the wonderment of life, whether it be through wisdom or complete innocence.  They read, played, and laughed — reveling in the beautiful morning and each other’s company; of wearing many hats and being exactly the people they were meant to be in that very moment.

It was beyond lovely, and thrilling how this family shared their carefree fun and wore their "genuine hats." (With quite possibly some of my most favorite black and white imagery ever.)

This quote from the Joyce Brothers sums it up perfectly, "When you look at your life, the greatest happinesses are family happinesses.

-Sandra Coan

About Kelsea: based in Wisconsin  / website / contact / facebook

Scroll down to the end for Cat’s take.


From Cat:

This is one of the best illustrations of family bonding that I have seen in a family photo session. You really get the sense that these grandparents are loving their roles, and their grandchildren are adorably happy.

I especially like that Kelsea captured both group bonding moments and fantastic cameos of each child. Each one is just gorgeous, a little dollop of young innocents among the reeds. Beautiful!

- Cat Thrasher