Jennifer Tai: James Turns 1 and the Family Celebrates!

These photos by Seattle photographer Jennifer Tai make me giggle.  I particularly love the image of the baby crawling toward the cake with a bunch of balloons tied around his waist!  Hilarious!  And such a great example of Jennifer's fun and quirky style.  Too cute! Thanks for sharing Jennifer!

From Jennifer:

"I've been photographing the Glovers for three years. Their youngest, James, just turned one so we had a little celebration at the park :)"

-Sandra Coan

About Jennifer: based in Seattle, WA  / website / contact / facebook

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From Cat:

These photos are so fun! You can really tell that Jennifer makes her clients feel relaxed, because each and every photo looks effortless and easy. I also love how each family member has their own little cameo...and that wide-open aperture has some gorgeous bokeh! :)

- Cat Thrasher