Sandra Coan Photography: A Gorgeous Newborn Session & A Photographer's Ability to Connect

I've been dying to share work by our very own Sandra Coan for months, and the day has arrived! Sandra's genius comes in two parts: one part precise photographic skill, and one part innate social connection. You see, a session with Sandy is just so easy and fun! With so many experiences in our lives with children, we find ourselves exhausted at the end: taking our little ones to the doctor, attending birthday parties, maybe just playing at the park, and of course, getting pictures done. We try to so hard to make sure their early lives are documented, but we're just so tired at the end of the day. When will we have the energy to make that happen?

Well, Seattleites need look no further than a session with Sandra Coan. She has an innate ability to connect with your child (and you!) that makes her photo sessions so easy, that you'll feel more energized by the end, not exhausted from your long day!

Today, we are sharing a newborn session by Sandra. I have watched her work with newborns, and she is truly a baby whisperer: in 15 minutes, she can capture classic and perfect shots of even the most fussy newborn baby. She is truly incredible!

- Cat Thrasher

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