Jill Carmel: Fall and Family Love!

Fall is in the air!  Can't you feel it!  That is why I am loving this fall, back-to-school inspired family session by California photographer Jill Carmel!  Too Cute! From Jill:

"The apples were just becoming ripe on the trees so we drove up to where the orchards were the prettiest and just played during a sunny afternoon.The kids brought baskets for their apples as well as a wagon to cart each other around in. Mom home-schools them so we broke out the colored pencils and did a little "homework". This family is great because they always bring their "silly" with them!"

-Sandra Coan

About Jill: based in Sacramento, CA / website / contact / facebook

 Scroll down to read Cat's take.

From Cat:

This session makes me think of how incredible the fall season is, for family activities, for any activity. Fall sets in, and I suddenly wish we had a wrap-around porch to sit outside from the moment the sun rises on a cool morning, throughout the day filled with warm sunlight, and then into the evening when it gets a bit nippy and we have put our sweaters back on. Apple picking, family, friends...fall is what life is all about!

- Cat Thrasher