Amy Grace, A Beautiful Life Photo: Motherhood With A Camera

snapshots are important. because they are real, they have a pulse, they move, and breathe. they remember for us. we can train our eyes to recognize love as art. as i learn to do this more every day, i feel like i am collecting the love we feel, as a family. i see that instead of trying for those perfect smiles, we can learn to recognize the real ones as they bloom. the truth will help tell their story. as a mother, aside from their health and happiness, there is nothing greater i could want for my kids.

it is a hard habit to build, keeping the camera out and ready, the strap around my neck on a trip or a regular day. sometimes, it feels like too much, and i leave it in my bag, or at home. and i almost always regret it. if we save the camera for the special occasions, it is harder to see the special in the everyday. we may remember it, but the memories get lost in the greater stream. life surprises us all the time. as a rule, this one is powerful. it is one thing to know the feeling of getting my son to sleep, and another to see him at peace. to know he has a beat all his own, and to see him in his own world, mesmerized by light through the window. the wildness and freedom and joy of my daughter is a life in itself, inside my heart. she runs through my veins, i know her soul from watching it grow, but i also know how to capture it. so having my camera at my side allows me to feel the connection between us, a closed and fluid circuit, protected, preserved, immortal.
all of these images are moments that surprised me. they are real gifts, like the kids in them. i am learning to get lost in the life i have, to keep my eyes as open for truth as they are for light. this is something we can all do. a gift for ourselves and our children. a love story that we write every single day.
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