Joanne Rojcewicz, JRo Photo: Best-of Chaotic Little Boys

As the mother of two very active little boys, I can totally relate to these photos by Washington DC photographer Joanne Rojcewicz!  I'm always chasing after my kids too! But isn't that what life with kids is all about? From Joanne:

"These are images of my two sons, Max and Oliver, taken over the past year. Many of these were taken on trips to the beach. As much as I love to get photos of them sitting together and smiling, they rarely cooperate. So usually I just chase after them and try to document what they are doing. And I always love these pictures a million times more than the posed ones."

About Joanne: based in Washington, DC  / website / contact / facebook

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Cat's take:

These photos are just fantastic, because amidst the chaos and mayhem that two little boys create, Joanne has managed to create little works of art out of her sons' random movements. I especially appreciate her use of wide angles, bringing the sand, the street, and surrounding landscapes and shadows into play to complete the shot. Thank you for sharing, Joanne!

- Cat Thrasher