Amy Grace, A Beautiful Life Photo: Motherhood With A Camera

my son is a like a mirror of me. the way he looks, the way he reads what i am feeling, the way he's growing into an intensity of spirit that i recognize from the inside out. he uses "mommy" to punctuate his sentences, to orient himself, as the origin out of which he branches. he shares his tiny discoveries, searches out my eyes when we are somewhere new, burrows beside me when he needs rest. and so we are connected, woven into the threads of each other like the tightest and most intricate pattern.  and then, comes his dad. for whom it's a bit harder.
there is this wonderful gift in being behind the camera, when it comes to these two. the moments seem to float, outside of time, so soft and still and full of slowness and patience. when they share the world, i want to frame it for them. the connections come in small bursts but feel huge in my heart. it's my job to make a record of their love. it's my hope to take portraits of the emotion they feel together. and when i see them, i am so happy that i never try for everyone looking, smiling at the camera. because life, lived, is the truest and most lovely portrait i could ever want.
the magic in capturing the connections within our own families is the heart we infuse. i see the light radiating from within. i see their comfort with me. i see two boys i love very much, and know that three of us are really in each of these photos. love makes a beautiful frame.
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