Ginger Unzueta Photography: Petit Paint & Play

Once, when my twins were four, I walked into their room and found them both naked, and completely covered in paint.  When I saw these photos by Florida photographer Ginger Unzueta, I was instantly taken back to that moment!  There is just something about kids and paint! They love it!  And these little ones look like they are having a blast!  Thanks for sharing Ginger! From Ginger:

"my children and i spend a lot of time doing crafts together and this one summer morning was no exception.   we decided we would paint on the back porch of our house.  i always have my camera nearby as i cherish the every day moments of my children the most.   these were taken midday on a hot summer day.  we have lots of bright gorgeous sun here in Florida.  our morning began with the kids painting on their easels..and ended with them painting each other.  i would say we will all cherish this ordinary morning for the beauty and the fun it encompassed. sometimes surprises and unplanned events turn out to be the best photo opportunities."

-Sandra Coan

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Scroll down to the end for Cat’s take.

Cat's take:

This series is precious because it is so incredibly and perfectly and illustration of the joys of childhood. The sheer joy at being covered in gooey, colorful paint is just not something that adults can experience with quite the same vigor and euphoria as these children can. If only we could!

There are two shots that really stand out to me: the little girl painting her lips, a bit of green and blue already on her cheek, and the last shot of the child's feet. The lip-painting shot is reminiscent of a woman carefully applying her lip color, possibly having just brushed on some blush as well. It's symbolic of our desire, as children, to be so much more adult, to be able to do the things that adults do...and yet, here she is, doing something adults just cannot do: spend an entire morning painting pictures and applying paint to our bodies, naked on the back porch. It's a continual tug between the joys vs. limitations of childhood (and adulthood!).

The last shot of the child's feet is just great: she has no idea what her feet are doing. She's just painting. Her little feet are the littlest of her concerns, but we notice them as cute and small. They have a bit of paint on them, they're unworn, and their little toes are pointing up toward the sky. They're pointed inward, possibly indicating that she's thinking hard about what she's painting on the other end of the picture. It's a thoughtful-child-foot-pose.

Thank you for sharing, Ginger!

- Cat Thrasher