Maria Lamb, Anthem Photography: Stylized and Awesome Family Session

I love the old-timey vibe of these photos by Portland photographer Maria Lamb of Anthem Photography.  And a baby in a bow-tie!  Well, that's just adorable!! Thanks for sharing Maria!

From Maria:

"I love the uniqueness of this family. The pure sweetness and happiness of this little boy is contagious. And how could you ever say no to those big blues."

-Sandra Coan

About Maria: based in Portland, OR / website / contact / facebook

Scroll down to the end for Cat’s take.

Cat's take: 

There are so many levels of awesomeness in these photos! It's like an engagement session crossed with a family session. I'm loving the style of everyone's clothing, from the baby in a bow tie to the great floral dress that mom is wearing. The sun flair is just perfect, the backdrop is romantic and moody, and the framing of each shot gives us the perfect combination of formal and candid shots. And those baby-blue eyes!!

- Cat Thrasher