Ali Deck Photography: Taking Pictures of your Real Life

Last week I found an old video clip of my boys from when they were three.  After I watched it about ten times, I called my husband and said "why didn't we take more video?  Why didn't we take more pictures?" I think sometimes we get so caught up in our day-to-day lives that we forget, they are only little once. That is why I just LOVE what Ohio photographer Ali Deck has to say about her children and her photos: "They have always been my inspiration and their childhood is slipping through my fingers".  It's so true!

Thank you Ali for sharing... I know these will be a treasure to your children (and to you) someday!

-Sandra Coan

From Ali:

"I'm sure you hear it often, but I picked up my camera when my first of three sons was born.  They have always been my inspiration and their childhood is slipping through my fingers. I hope they look back at my work of them and feel that I captured their childhood as they remember it."

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From Cat:

Every one of these photos are interesting in some way. I especially like the low-lit, indoor shots in the first half. We live so much of our lives indoors, and even though there's never enough light for a full-on detail shot inside the house, there's something to the notion that, if we do not take pictures of it, it is lost. When we live our lives inside, but never take photos there, then we are taking photos mostly of a life we did not live, outside, in a forest scene, etc. Or, the reverse: if we don't take pictures in our homes, we are not taking pictures of our life as it really was.

Ali Deck is taking pictures of her and her children's real lives. And you should too!

- Cat Thrasher