Carolina Wahnish Rivera: A Family in their Castle, Home

We are wrapping up the week with these whimsical family photos by New Jersey photographer Carolina Wahnish Rivera.  My favorite of the bunch has got to be the flying purple monkey!  Made me laugh!

From Carolina:

"The session was photographed in Madison, NJ at the family's home. Although most of the family sessions I do, I prefer to do at the homes of my families (instead of parks, or outside locations), this time, it meant even more to the family, as they are moving to another home in a couple of months, and wanted to have a session in the home where the kids were born and grew up until now. I thought this was a great idea, and loved the idea of just doing a casual "play" session at their home, so that the kids could look back on these memories in their first home."

-Sandra Coan

About Carolina: based in New Jersey /website /contact / facebook

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Cat's take:

There is so much to say about this series: the play, the love, the time-limited significance to the family, the pensive moment that each photo seems to possess...there's so much here! It really is true that our houses, our homes, become so much more important when we raise our families in them. They become homages to our entire way of life for 20, sometimes 30 years. They're our castles, however grand or humble. This family, moving to a new home, will probably fall into their new place with ease. But there will be moments when the kids miss their old place, and they'll be able to take out these photos and reminisce. then, 20 years from now, they'll all look back at this series and talk of the home they lived in when they were young.

There are a few shots that are particularly intriguing. The shot of the girl smiling, her purple, monkey-like animal flailing through the air behind her, and then there is what looks like a small painting of Jesus to the far right of them both, what does it mean? Is Jesus a part of their lives, watching over them while they play freely and chaoticly, animals flying through the air?

Then there is the shot of the boy in the darkened room, staring out the dully-lit window in thought or anticipation. This might be my favorite shot in the series. Is the light spiritual? Is he waiting for his parents to get home? Is it raining outside? In any case, it symbolizes a child in an abstract state of discovery, interest, and anticipation.

Such aura in this series, by Carolina Wahnish Rivera. Thank you for sharing, Carolina!

- Cat Thrasher