Jennifer Renner, A Heritage Photography: Children, in Alaska, in the Summer

One of the things I love about Little Bellows, is that it enables me to see into the lives of people all around the world!  We've featured work from photographers in Spain, Australia, England, the U.A.E, Canada, and almost every state in the union.  I love the diversity in landscape and light, but I also love the common thread of seeing the beauty in families and children, and the inspiration it gives us all to pick up our cameras and capture it! Today's photos come from Jennifer Renner of A Heritage Photography.  Jennifer is from the great state of Alaska.

I relate so much to these summertime images of children in coats and rain-boots amidst sunshine and flowers.  That is what summertime in Seattle often looks like, and it's so beautiful to me.  Thanks for sharing Jennifer!


-Sandra Coan

About Jennifer: based in Palmer, Alaska /contact / facebook

Scroll down for Cat’s take.

Cat's take:

Being in Virginia, I'm pretty jealous of anyone who gets to wear sweaters in the summer!

My favorite shot in this Alaska portrait series is the little girl amidst the lush green foliage, looking out onto the rolling hills. Her hands are placed on her hips the way that a woman farmer might pose after a long day of hard work, looking out onto her fields to assess what should be on the to-do list for tomorrow. It's a pensive, adult-like stance, and I just love it when children look momentarily un-childlike: it's as though they're giving us a glimpse into what their adult personalities will be like, as they're forming them, in real time.

- Cat Thrasher