Kelsey Gerhard Photography: Children in their Natural Beach Habitat

Well I'm happy to report that we are finally getting some hot weather here in Seattle, and it's making me feel like it really is summertime!  To celebrate my summery mood, I thought I'd start the week of with these whimsical beach photos by Virginia photographer Kelsey Gerhard.  Kelsey took these images of her own children while on a family vacation in Delaware.

These images make me so nostalgic for my childhood visits to the eastern shore of Maryland.  We used spend time on the sandy beaches of Delaware as well!  Such fun!

Sandra Coan

From Kelsey:

"I am an observer of life… emotion… connections. I chase the light, where it falls, its halos and shadows. I love color, composition, layers and texture. I look for the moments we tend to take for granted. I value the outtakes. These bits and pieces I want to document, preserve and remember."

About Kelsey: based in Northern Virginia / website /contact / facebook

Scroll down for Cat’s take.

From Cat:

I am inspired by Kelsey's statement "I value the outtakes," when I look at here series, above. It reminds me how, when children are truly in their element, having such  great time playing that they are completely unaware of the world around them. When that happens, they are truly happy, and disturbing that kind of happy engagement is almost a crime. So, what do you get, if you're photographing children in this state? Pure outtakes. It's as though you're photographing a wild cheetah in its natural habitat: you don't really have a choice, what photographs you get. You get whatever the cheetah gives you. And it's 100% natural and real. And that's called "documentary photography," also known as "photojournalism," and it's one of the most pure forms of documenting this world.

Case in point: My favorite shot in this series is the shot of the little girl running away from the camera, her frilly pink bathing suit all wrinkled up in her tush. It symbolizes the carefree-ness of childhood for me, just like the old Coppertone baby, who's little bathing suit is being pulled down by a puppy. So sweet and pure, and full of summer!

- Cat Thrasher