Kirsty Larmour Photography: A Child's Portrait Series Amidst the Dunes of Abu Dhabi

Wowza! I don't really know what else to say!  I can't stop looking as these pictures!  They are so mesmerizing and exotic, but also so... normal.  An adorable little girl out for the day with her family, beautifully photographed by her mother.  Only, the little girl lives in Abu Dhabi, and her family outing takes place in this amazingly beautiful setting that is so foreign to my eyes it leaves me speechless. I know it sounds silly, but looking at these photos brings out the adventurer in me!  I want to travel to cool and exotic places with my kids!  I want to walk in the dunes with my hair blowing in the wind!  So cool!

Thank you Kirsty Larmour for submitting such lovely images!  And now, I'm off to go listen to "Tea in the Sahara" by the Police and daydream of grand adventures!

-Sandra Coan

From Kirsty:

"We live in Abu Dhabi, where the weather is hot, hot, HOT!! But during the winter months we frequently head out to the desert for BBQ's and fun and generally tiring the kids out by running up and down sand dunes! My kids love it out there. This is my youngest daughter having her own fun running around and I love that the pictures show off this AMAZING scenery that we live so close to."

About Kirsty: based in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E / website /contact / facebook

Scroll down for Cat’s take.

Cat's take:

What a backdrop! We are so used to seeing forest scenes, or the dry rolling hills of the west, typical of the American residential landscape. Seeing proper sand dunes of the Middle East is so amazingly exotic! And that outfit..what a perfect red and white combo, with a hat that seems odd to have in the desert, until you realize that it's actually wintertime.

The scarf shots are my favorite of the entire series. We could draw so much symbol and meaning from watching a little child grasp a long scarf, flailing violently in the barren desert landscape. It's a moment of control over chaos, optimism amidst the uncertainty of a big, bad world, or a metaphor for her own firm grasp on her abstract future.

Gorgeous work, Kirsty Larmour. Thank you for sharing!

- Cat Thrasher